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Introducing the 500 Life-studies Website and App

We are pleased to announce the 500 Life-studies website and app, which have been developed to help all the saints enter into the Life-study of the Bible in a regular way for their long-term constitution and nourishment. The 500 Life-studies app is scheduled to be launched during the upcoming December 2022 Semiannual Training.

500 Life-studies App

The name of the 500 Life-studies website and app is based upon a quote from the ministry of Brother Witness Lee, spoken during a training for elders and leading ones among the churches:

I have the assurance to say that whoever has read through five hundred Life-study messages properly has been an excellent believer. You elders who are shepherding the local churches know the real situation of most of the saints. If a saint in your locality is not that “proper,” and he would begin from tomorrow morning to read the Life-study messages until he reaches five hundred, he will become another person. Medicine, nourishment, and all kinds of vitamins are included in these messages...If you would begin to study the Life-studies every day starting tomorrow morning, you will become a different person even after fifty days. (CWWL, 1984, vol. 2, “Elders’ Training, Book 3: The Way to Carry Out the Vision,” pp. 323-324)

We thank the Lord that in His recovery we have been richly blessed with the spiritual inheritance of the Life-study of the Bible. Nevertheless, there surely is a great need for the riches of the truth contained in these messages to be constituted into the saints for the building up of the church as the Lord’s testimony.

Although many saints greatly appreciate the Life-study messages and aspire to read them, many may also struggle with how to begin or how to maintain the habit of reading the Life-studies in the long-term. It was with this need in view that the 500 Life-studies website and app were developed.

The 500 Life-studies app is designed with a number of features that aim to help the saints make progress in reading the Life-study messages. These features include a tool for creating personalized reading schedules; an in-app reader that allows saints to read the Life-studies directly on their mobile device, with an optional integration with ministrybooks.org; and progress tracking and visualization tools, including digital milestone badges that mark the saints’ reading achievements.

The 500 Life-studies app will be available for free download on the Apple app store and the Google Play store.

To learn more concerning the burden behind the 500 Life-studies app and the app’s features, please visit https://500lifestudies.org/.