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March 2023 International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones

Being in the Lord’s Name

It is vital for us to see that to be in the name of the Lord Jesus means that we are one with Him, that we are in Him and He in us. As the Son is in the Father and the Father in the Son in the way of coinherence, we also must be one with the Lord in this way. We and the Lord Jesus should coinhere; that is, we need to be in Him and have Him in us. Then truly we shall be in the Lord’s name.

According to the basic truth revealed in John 14 and 15, to be in the Lord’s name means to be one with the Lord, to live by the Lord, and to let the Lord live in us. The Lord came in the name of the Father and did things in the Father’s name (John 5:43; 10:25). This means that He was one with the Father (10:30) and lived by the Father (6:57), and the Father worked in Him (14:10). In the Gospels, the Lord as the expression of the Father did things in the Father’s name. In the Acts, the disciples as the expression of the Lord did even greater things (v. 12) in His name. Therefore, to be in the Lord’s name means to be one with Him in actuality…According to biblical usage, to be in a person’s name means to be one with that person. Thus, the name is not merely a signature, stamp, or seal used as an endorsement to conclude a prayer. (Life-study of Philippians, pp. 372, 370)


Enjoying Christ as the Good Land by Exercising Our Spirit

Whether we are walking on the street or are at home or in the church meeting hall, as long as we are exercising our spirit, we are worshipping God. As long as we are in our spirit and exercise our spirit to contact God, we render true worship to God.

If we labor on Christ as our good land every day, learning to experience Him in our family, our school, and our job, we will have many riches of Christ and will be full of Christ. Then whenever we come to a church meeting, we will come with Christ and will share Christ with others. (CWWL, 1964, vol. 1, pp. 392, 397)

Although we have a spirit, we may not know how to exercise it. The most important lesson we need to learn in exercising our spirit is to not pay attention to anything that comes from our soul. We must not care for our thinking, our emotions, our preferences, and so forth. Neither should we care for our environment, our situation, or the things that are happening to us or around us. Instead of paying attention to these things, we must simply pay attention to the deep sense in our spirit. To forget about all else and pay attention to the sense in our spirit is to exercise our spirit. (CWWL, 1965, vol. 2, p. 38)

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