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A Report from India on the Distribution and the Appreciation of the New Testament Recovery Version in Malayalam, Mizo, Tamil, and Telugu

In answer to the Body’s prayer and the supply from the Lord through the Body, the printed copies of the New Testament Recovery Version in the Indian languages of Malayalam, Mizo, Tamil and Telugu are now available! We praise and thank the Lord for His sovereignty and blessing over the entire project.

The distribution of these New Testament Recovery Versions is now being carried out: initially, to the saints in the Lord’s recovery speaking these languages, and then, to the saints in various Christian groups. As soon as the printed copies were available in July 2022, the saints started purchasing them for themselves, and some, for others for distribution among their relatives and friends. With the burden to help the readers to get the maximum benefit, we have started a weekly presentation for each language group, highlighting certain changes with a view to preparing the readers to receive the New Testament Recovery Version with an open heart.

Preparation of the Readers

The translation teams, in fellowship and coordination with the leading brothers in the churches speaking these languages, are preparing a PowerPoint presentation every week on the crucial changes from the existing translations. For example, new words and phrases used are being explained in relation to the original Greek text and the proper interpretation based on the English Recovery Version. This presentation is being carried out weekly online and is open to all the saints speaking that language.

Reading Schedule

The saints are now pursuing the New Testament Recovery Version with the footnotes daily, following the reading schedule prepared for two years.

Participation in Distribution

All the saints in these four languages are also encouraged to participate in introducing and distributing the Recovery Version to their relatives and friends. As much as it was through the supply from the Body that these New Testaments were made possible, so much more the introduction and distribution should be through the function of the Body.

Plan for Distribution

Besides email, phone calls, and social media promotion of the Recovery Version to all our Christian contacts, personal visits to the Christian leaders, bookstores, and Bible colleges have begun. One-on-one introduction has been very effective, pointing out some key verses and footnotes as a foretaste to the riches contained in this New Testament.

For Mizo in Mizoram (northeast India), where almost the entire population embraces the Christian faith, we felt it best to conduct a formal meeting, inviting all the prominent Christian leaders of various Christian groups and seekers for a day of the Mizo New Testament Recovery Version Introduction on 8th September 2022 at Aizawl, Mizoram. Following this, a day or two of visiting the ones who could not make it to the meeting is also planned so as to ensure our best effort to reach out to all the Christian groups to make known the availability and benefits of the Recovery Version.

Testimonies from Readers

And when Philip ran up, he heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and said, Do you really know the things that you are reading? And he said, How could I unless someone guides me? (Acts 8:30-31)
And they read in the book, in the law of God, interpreting and giving the sense, so that they understood the reading. (Neh. 8:8)

Many Christians have been reading the Bible, yet to understand the reading and for the “interpreting and giving the sense,” there surely is a need for someone to guide. The Recovery Version serves as a wonderful study aid in interpreting and giving sense to the Word of God. Many readers have testified of the blessings they have received from studying this New Testament, particularly as a study aid to understanding the Scriptures better with the interpretation of crucial verses, phrases, and words based on spiritual revelation. Below are some testimonies from the readers.


I am reading the Telugu New Testament Recovery Version for more than a month now. This version is undoubtedly an indescribable gift to the Telugu speaking seekers of the Lord in and through His living Word. This translation is the Lord's marvelous work for the building up of His Body in this century. The language used for the translation of the text as well as the footnotes is quite simple for the readers to understand the new words used and the structure of the verses. One unique feature of the Telugu Recovery Version is the footnotes that unlock the unsearchable riches of the Lord. May our dear and precious Lord use this Telugu Recovery Version to recover the lost, misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misaimed truths in the Word of God. IB
I have been reading the Telugu New Testament Recovery Version with great joy, because it gives light, life supply, and understanding of the Word of God. I am able to see the riches in the Word, which I never saw in my entire Christian life. Although there are many changes with new words, the language used is very simple and footnotes are so helpful to understand the new words, which are different from the old version. The weekly Telugu Recovery Version presentation meetings also are a great help to me, where brothers are explaining the new words or change of sequence in the verses according to the Greek text. Through such an explanation I am able to understand fully the reason for every change, and we realize what light or revelation we missed in the previous version. So, I really treasure this Bible. Praise and thank the Lord for this wonderful gift, the properly translated, interpreted, and explained word of God in my language. RK
The footnotes in Matthew 1:3, 5 concerning the five women and the explanation in Mathew 6:6 concerning the private room are really wonderful! I have never seen these before. In Matthew 1:12, just as for the first coming of Lord Jesus, there was a need for some to come onto the right ground, there is now a need for some to come onto the right ground (the ground of the church) for His second coming. In Matthew 5, the explanation of the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of heavens is marvelous! DA


From a Bible translator (PR), conversant with Greek and Hebrew, who took the lead in the latest revision of the most popular existing version of the Tamil Bible:

  1. Improvement in accuracy is noticed in several places compared to the already available versions of the Bible.
  2. It is good to see that the already existing Tamil translation for common theological terms such as Faith, Grace, Heaven, Prophets, Father, Son, Salvation, Baptism, Fasting, Altar are retained in this version.
  3. The verse restructuring or re-ordering done wherever required has enhanced the accuracy.
  4. Good to see that slangs and obsolete words used in other versions have been replaced with more commonly used words.
  5. So far in all the places I have read, grammar mistakes have been corrected well.
  6. It is good to see that the rendering of some proper names which are not consistent with Old Testament in the existing translation have been made consistent in the Recovery Version.
  7. It is good to see words like Sanhedrin, Synagogue, Sabbath and several others have been transliterated, giving the unique meaning. The footnotes adequately explain their meaning.
Compared to all previous Tamil versions, this Recovery Version is truer (nearer) to the Greek Text. When read with the footnotes, it gives new insight into the Scripture, and believers can enjoy the Word more. In summary, this is sincere hard work done with zeal for the Word of God. Their labor in the Lord is not in vain (1 Cor. 15:58) PR

From other Tamil readers:

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

I got this Tamil New Testament Recovery Version on 07.07.2022. I have no words to express my joy. This Bible is the greatest work in this century, and a precious gift from above.

Whenever I read this Bible, I feel that I am brought into the presence of the Lord. After receiving this Bible, I am always reading and keeping this in my hand and never feel like keeping it aside.

The first verse Mathew 1:1 starts with the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. After reading the footnote of this verse, I was excited to read that the New Testament is all about Jesus Christ. For 25 years I had a longing to study the Bible. God, through this Bible with its footnotes and cross references, fulfilled my longing.

My past experience is that when I read the verses from my earlier version of the Bible, I couldn't understand much. But the Recovery Version Bible helps me understand the truth in each verse and gives me additional facts and information. Also, while reading this Bible, I am able to touch God and know God in a deeper way.

The footnotes help me to clearly understand God's economy. Also, the footnotes are clarifying all my questions and are an effective tool in studying the Bible. The outline of Matthew helped me to have a bird’s eye view of the entire Gospel of Matthew.

I thank the Lord for this wonderful Bible. I thank the Lord for this ministry, for the translation work and all the faithful serving ones who labored for the release of this Bible.

The footnote in Matthew 24:14 on the gospel of the kingdom is a new revelation to me. I was saved by grace, so I only knew and care for the gospel of grace. But when I read this footnote, it speaks about the meaning of the gospel of grace and the gospel of the kingdom in a clear way, which is so wonderful. LBM


The Mizo Recovery Version Matthew 16:18 footnote explains the Lord’s building of His church on the day of Pentecost and how it can only be fulfilled through the Lord’s recovery, in which the building of the genuine church is being accomplished. This really opened my eyes. CST
The Mizo New Testament Recovery Version helps me to understand God’s word clearly, especially concerning the nature of the kingdom people in Matthew 5, 6, and 7 with its footnotes, which portion I never understood from the reading of the existing versions. Other versions translate Matthew 5:3 as "poor in heart, for theirs is the heaven", but in the Recovery Version, "poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens" and its footnote clearly explains what the kingdom of the heavens is and not merely heaven as in other versions. LSZ
In Matthew 13:31-32, most existing versions in Mizo say, “and becomes wood,” which does not give any meaning at all, but the Recovery Version says, "and becomes a tree" and explains what that means in the footnote. FK


Coming from a Pentecostal background, I was taught that the baptism by fire mentioned in Mattew 3:11 is the same as the baptism by the Spirit. Though I had my doubts about this interpretation, I wasn't clear until I read the footnote of this verse in the Malayalam New Testament Recovery Version. Now I really understand the difference between the two.” AR
In Matthew 1:11, the deportation to Babylon, the existing version renders a meaning of voluntarily going to Babylon, but the new Recovery Version translates the word accurately. Today when I read this version, I have total assurance and peace that this translation is accurate or closest to the original text. It gives tremendous confidence to one who loves to study the Bible in his native language! GM

Overall, the saints’ reception of the New Testament Recovery Version has been very encouraging. We trust the Lord that the availability of the interpreted Word will uplift the level of truth in India and pave the way for the Lord to move further and faster in a fuller way.

Please pray for the Lord to bless the ongoing distribution of the New Testament Recovery Version in India and for the readers of these Bibles to be brought into the full knowledge of the truth (1 Tim. 2:4).