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Announcing the Subject of the December 2021 Semiannual Training

The following resources are available to help prepare those who would attend the December 2021 Semiannual Training:

Life-study of 1 & 2 Samuel(Print, eBook, and Audiobook Editions)

In addition to the print and eBook formats, Living Stream will also publish an audiobook of the Life-study of 1 & 2 Samuel. You will now be able to listen to a reading of the entire Life-study of 1 & 2 Samuel prior to the training.

Life-study of the Bible Radio ProgramsCovering 1 & 2 Samuel (LSM Radio and YouTube)

There are twenty-nine, half-hour radio programs covering the Life-study of 1 & 2 Samuel. These include excerpts from Witness Lee’s spoken ministry that focuses on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures. The ministry portions are followed by a discussion of the portion presented, including questions and answers.

Holy Bible Recovery Version(Print and Mobile App Editions)

Living Stream publishes the Holy Bible Recovery Version with footnotes in both print and mobile app editions. By reading the books of 1 & 2 Samuel, you will become familiar with the history they contain, and the footnotes provide an entrance into the deeper spiritual significance of this history.

Audio Reading of the Recovery Version of 1 & 2 Samuel (MP3)(1 Samuel and 2 Samuel)

Living Stream has also published an audio reading of the Recovery Version of 1 & 2 Samuel. This will help you become familiar with the text of these books. You should be able to listen to the entire recording several times a week in advance of the training. This can transform your daily commute.

Brother Lee Sharing the Life-study of 1 & 2 Samuel(Audio and Video Recordings)

The audio and video recordings of Brother Lee’s actual speaking in December of 1993 during his life-study training on 1 & 2 Samuel are available on LSM’s webcast site.


Print publications are available online at www.livingstream.com or by contacting the LSM Book Section at [email protected] or 714-236-6050.