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The Leading of the Spirit in the Ministry Literature Journey in North India

And when they had come to Mysia, they tried to go into Bithynia, yet the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them. And bypassing Mysia, they came down to Troas. And a vision appeared to Paul during the night: A certain man, a Macedonian, was standing and entreating him and saying, Come over into Macedonia and help us. And when he had seen the vision, we immediately endeavored to go forth into Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to announce the gospel to them. (Acts 16:7-10)

The literature service in India has been translating the ministry books into twelve Indian languages, out of which Hindi is the most spoken and read all over North India. The serving ones have been traveling to introduce and distribute Hindi ministry books to all the Hindi-speaking states.

The Lord has been moving in the northern part of India where most of the populace is yet to receive the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, there is a minority who have believed into the Lord Jesus, in many states even less than one percent. Thus, the Lord has His remnant reserved for His testimony. And it was to this scattered handful to whom the Spirit led the brothers in the recent past.

The brothers’ initial plan was to go to Uttar Pradesh, yet the Spirit of Jesus did not allow them. Instead, they changed their plan at the last minute and went to Haryana. Then, they realized that it was the Lord’s specific leading to visit this state at this time. As they followed the Spirit’s leading locality by locality, they witnessed and enjoyed what the Lord had already prepared; the Spirit leading them to meet the right people at the right place at the right time to whom they could introduce and distribute the ministry literature and minister the timely word of God. Though they originally set out to visit only six cities from September 8 to 12, 2023, the Lord eventually led them to fourteen localities! This was the fulfillment of a “Macedonian call” (Acts 16:7-10) to visit the Haryanvi-Punjabi-speaking seekers, which they received on September 8th before they set out on this ministry journey.

One of the key pastors, who they had met previously and who had purchased the entire set of ministry books in Hindi, had gathered together the key Christian leaders in his locality. Since he appreciated the truth so much, he himself promoted the ministry books to other Christian leaders. The brothers then conducted a mini-conference for all these leaders and presented the truth using the ministry books. That key pastor himself made arrangements for similar meetings in a few other localities as well, opening more new doors for the spread of the ministry!

In another town, the president of the Pastors’ Association and a group of key Christian leaders with their spouses came together to listen to what the brothers had to say. The brothers followed the burden released in the recent training and released the high-peak truth—God becoming man to make man God in life and nature but not in the Godhead. The Christian leaders all marveled at this simple yet basic truth in the Bible and wondered how this had been hidden from them for so many years. They were so nourished with the truth that they openly received the free ministry books and also purchased some books. They even requested a future visit, as they wanted more Christian leaders and believers to hear what they had just heard. One among them, a pastor, was so impressed by the ministry books that he purchased the entire set of Hindi books. Though he could hardly read English, after listening to the brothers’ introduction of the Holy Bible Recovery Version, he still purchased it, as he could not wait for the Hindi edition of the New Testament Recovery Version. Likewise, many Hindi seekers asked for a Hindi translation of the Recovery Version.

A group of Christian leaders in one locality was eager to read the ministry books in Hindi after they were introduced to them. They were so glad that the truth had finally been brought to them, acknowledging that apart from the Bible there was no good Christian literature in Hindi.

In another city, three key pastors met with the brothers and earnestly enquired concerning “this ministry,” as there are those spreading many other “ministries,” including cults and heretical groups. The brothers simply presented the truth in the way of introducing the ministry books and the Holy Bible Recovery Version. They all marveled at the depth of the truth in the ministry. Though the brothers planned to move on to another city, they requested that they stay overnight, giving more time for fellowship. One of the pastors who gave them hospitality testified that through the brothers’ visitation God had visited his family as He had visited Abraham with two others in Genesis 18:2.

In another town, the brothers visited a group whose pastor invited them on the Lord’s Day. His mother testified of a vision she had seen during her prayer time on the 7th of September, that three men in white dress would visit them. On the 10th of September, when they met her, she immediately declared to the entire congregation that the Lord had fulfilled the vision she had seen a few days before. Therefore, even before the brothers introduced themselves or the ministry, they blindly invited them to minister the word to their congregation in the Lord’s Day meeting. The Lord gave the brothers a timely word as they showed them the way to breathe, drink, and eat the Lord!

As the brothers revisited a pastor in another city whom they had met on a previous trip, he testified of the new light he was seeing as he read the Holy Bible Recovery Version with the footnotes, especially the notes on the church. He even asked concerning an online training in order to make the truth known to all his coworkers serving in North India.

The Lord specifically led the brothers step by step to meet with His seekers. For most of them, this was the first time they were visited by us and introduced to and received the ministry books. The Lord’s testimony is yet to be raised up in all these localities. Praise the Lord!

North India Seekers’ Conference and Blending
(September 15-17, 2023)

Thirty-three seeking believers from seven North India states, who were met through the Hindi ministry literature distribution journeys over the past few years and who have been in contact with us, were invited for a seekers’ conference and time of blending in Delhi and Gurugram. This conference was primarily to open up the Word of God to the seeking believers and to provide an opportunity for these ones to see the practical church life.

The book The Application of the Interpretation of the New Jerusalem to the Seeking Believers was used for this conference with a group of brothers coordinating together to share the word. This was followed by the reading of ministry portions in groups and then sharing by the seekers. A number of seekers testified that for the first time they realized that the New Jerusalem is not a physical city but an organic constitution of the processed Triune God mingled with His regenerated believers. The seekers also participated in the church life in the homes of their hospitality. The blending with the saints in the church life afforded the opportunity for the seeking ones to see a corporate living by a group of saints as a testimony in that city.

Please remember in prayer the Lord’s continual move in North India and especially those who have received the ministry books. May the Lord enlighten them to see what the economy of the mystery is and gain them fully, even unto the raising of His testimony in their respective localities in the coming days.