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Knowing, Experiencing, and Enjoying Christ as Revealed in Philippians

2023 International Memorial Day Blending Conference

Learning the Secret of Telling Him

Our Lord is a Lord in whom men can confide. Men can easily tell the Lord what they want to say. Any words can be told to Him…Many times we encounter suffering. Many times we have joy. Many times we need someone to share our sorrow or joy, but we are unable to find someone. Sometimes when we tell others, they do not listen.

We should realize that when we have a thorough talk with the Lord and pour out our heart to Him, our intimacy with the Lord is one step further, and we know Him a little more. Intimate contact with Him at these times is hundreds of times better than our ordinary fellowship with Him. By these contacts we advance in life. We should bring our problems to the Lord and tell Him about them. He can comfort us and help us. If a person has never shed tears before the Lord, if he has never shared his joy or sorrow with the Lord, and if he has never talked with the Lord about his private matters, he has never had any intimate fellowship with the Lord; he has never had any deep acquaintance with Him. We are not saying that you cannot ask others to pray for you or ask others to help you. We are saying that one can only be drawn closer to the Lord through telling Him everything. (CWWN, vol. 18, “Tell Him,” pp. 327, 329)


What is Resurrection?

Resurrection is something positive; it is a life that is raised from death, a regaining after a termination. Resurrection is something that has come out of death; it is something beyond the natural realm. It is what is perfected through death. Has your eloquence passed through death? Death will not make your mouth lose its ability to function, but it will terminate the activity of your mouth, and in resurrection you will regain this activity.

What is resurrection? It is that which has passed through death and which has come out of death. Resurrection is that which has been perfected by death and is reinstated…The experience of resurrection is letting go of everything that is natural through death, not trusting in them any longer, and not glorying in them. It is as if you are dead—your hands are dead, your eloquence is dead, and your natural attraction is dead. Everything that you have is gone, and you cannot do anything anymore. After some time…God comes in again, and your eloquence is returned to you, your wisdom is returned to you, and your attraction comes back. However, even though you have regained these things, they have changed.

This kind of loss through death and gaining in return is what resurrection is all about…It puts everything in Adam, both good and bad, through death, and gives it back to us in Christ. (CWWN, vol. 42, pp. 291-293)

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