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June 2023, Issue No. 21

Divine and Mystical Realm

How to Prepare for the July 2023 Semiannual Training

The general subject of the July 2023 Semiannual Training will be “An Overview of the Central Burden and Present Truth of the Lord’s Recovery before His Appearing.” To help those who would like to prepare for this training, we recommend that you read The Divine and Mystical Realm or that you watch Brother Lee’s videos from the conference that produced the contents of this book.

This book is available from the Living Stream Ministry book section by phone at (714) 236-6050 or online at livingstream.com. It is also available from numerous online booksellers.

The videos of Brother Lee’s speaking are being made available through LSM’s YouTube channel. A new message will be posted on each of the following days, and each will remain for several months: June 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, and 30.

Ministry in Ethiopia

The Ministry and the Lord’s Move in Ethiopia

The Lord’s move in Ethiopia was started around the year 1998 with a group of university students and a few working saints. At that time there was a great hunger for the truth. Because of the hunger for the truth, the saints used to go to different denominations and free groups and visit so-called ministers wherever they thought there was the genuine truth. Wherever we went we diligently and faithfully followed, but there was no one who was able to satisfy our hunger for the truth and the life that we were inwardly seeking. At some point we were tired of going here and there and started to pray. Most of the times that we met our meetings were just prayers. We prayed for two to three hours and dismissed the meeting.

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The All-inclusive Christ

So Great a Foundation

Living Stream Ministry (LSM) has an abundance of publications. From this array of valuable books, certain ones stand out as essential to our understanding of the truth. With this article, we will begin to highlight different ministry books that can serve as a great foundation to our understanding of the truth. We publish hundreds of books in multiple languages. If you are new to this ministry, you may wonder, “Where do I get started?” Even if you have been reading this ministry for a long time, the great volume of material can make determining what to read, or re-read, a difficult choice. To help with this, we would like to draw attention to certain books put out by LSM that stand out as foundational to our understanding of the truth.

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Ministry Excerpts from Recent Conferences and Trainings

2023 International Memorial Day Blending Conference

Learning the Secret of Telling Him

Our Lord is a Lord in whom men can confide. Men can easily tell the Lord what they want to say. Any words can be told to Him…Many times we encounter suffering. Many times we have joy. Many times we need someone to share our sorrow or joy, but we are unable to find someone. Sometimes when we tell others, they do not listen.

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What is Resurrection?

Resurrection is something positive; it is a life that is raised from death, a regaining after a termination. Resurrection is something that has come out of death; it is something beyond the natural realm. It is what is perfected through death. Has your eloquence passed through death? Death will not make your mouth lose its ability to function, but it will terminate the activity of your mouth, and in resurrection you will regain this activity.

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Informative Videos

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