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Scriptural Messages by Watchman Nee

Beginning in April of 2021, Living Stream Ministry began publishing a six-volume series by Watchman Nee entitled Scriptural Messages. This series contains weekly messages given by Brother Nee in meetings of the church in Shanghai, China, from June 1930 to June 1934. The original source was hand-written notes, which the author then published in Chinese in fifty issues of a small magazine entitled Notes on Scriptural Messages. Although some topics may have continued for two or more weeks, these are largely unrelated expositions of scriptural passages. Many of these messages were first published in a popular English series entitled Twelve Baskets Full; however, that publication was discontinued when it was discovered that some of the chapters were not by Brother Nee. A complete collection of these messages was published in 1992 as volumes 17, 18, and 19 of our sixty-two-volume publication of The Collected Works of Watchman Nee. Now to make these messages more easily accessible to the Christian public, we are making them available in six, softbound volumes.

Scriptural Messages by Watchman Nee
This collection of fifty-five messages...is an illustration of his faithfulness in giving them food at the proper time.

Watchman Nee was a faithful and prudent slave, whom the master set over his household to give them food at the proper time (Matt. 24:45). This collection of fifty-five messages—his ministry to the Lord’s church (household) in Shanghai—is an illustration of his faithfulness in giving them food at the proper time. In addition to his many conferences and trainings in which he often ministered on deep matters, he endeavored to nourish the church where he lived. He was faithful both to God and to man. He not only took care of his commission to open up and minister the Word to the Body of Christ in a general sense but also bore the particular responsibility to supply the local church with the spiritual riches of the Word. He was also prudent; his messages to the church are not only nourishing but also cherishing. Brother Nee had a unique ability to warm up the hearts of the believers in order to open them to receive the pure, unadulterated truth of the Scriptures. At the judgement seat of Christ, surely our brother will hear the Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful slave…Enter into the joy of your master” (25:23).

We commit these messages to the Lord for the nourishing of the believers that they may grow to maturity and function in the divine life unto the building up of the Body of Christ.