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A Digital Newsletter from Living Stream Ministry

Living Stream Ministry’s YouTube Channels

In 2021, Living Stream Ministry began to regularly use our YouTube channel, posting video messages given by Brother Witness Lee and programs from LSM Radio’s Life-study of the Bible with Witness Lee. It is our hope that through YouTube we can open another channel for distributing this ministry in a digital format, and we have been encouraged by the response so far. We have over 5,000 subscribers to LSM’s YouTube channel, over 200,000 views of our videos, and are seeing a consistent increase of both subscribers and watch hours. Further, nearly half of our traffic comes from viewers who have found us through YouTube’s recommendations.

To date, we have posted ten different video series, five series by Brother Lee and five from LSM Radio. Each video series is grouped into a playlist; this allows a person to watch the videos in sequential order. We typically post one series at a time. New videos of Brother Lee are posted once a week (usually on Friday) and are sixty to ninety minutes long. New LSM Radio Programs are posted three times a week (usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and are approximately twenty-five minutes long.

LSM's YouTube Channel

Our next video series will be The Prophecy of the Four “Sevens” in the Bible (Witness Lee). The first message will be posted on February 24. If you subscribe to our channel, you will be notified when new videos are posted and when new video series begin.

In addition to these messages and radio programs, once a month we will post the audiobook of a new eBooklet from the Nuggets and Gems from the Bible series. These eBooklets contain standalone, edited editions of the Life-study messages and are being freely distributed across our many digital platforms. The eBooklets focus on particular treasures from the Bible revealed in the Life-studies, and we hope that many saints will join in our burden to distribute these riches, sharing these eBooklets with friends, family, and other seeking believers. More information, including links to the individual eBooklets, can be found on our free eBooklets page.

We are also pleased to announce a new YouTube channel devoted to hymns. We are in the process of adding videos with the lyrics for the Hymns of Life and Truth series. If you subscribe to this channel, you will be notified when new albums are added. These hymns are sold as CDs through the LSM bookstore and as digital files on Apple Music and Google Play, but they can be streamed and shared freely through YouTube.

Our hope is that many saints will enjoy these programs, videos, and hymns and will share them with other believers or gospel friends. Each video has a Share option underneath it, making it simple to send to others. Throughout the Bible the Lord charges His people to give food to the hungry (Matt. 24:45; Mark 6:37; Luke 9:13; John 21:17; Ezek. 34:2), and sharing this ministry digitally is surely one way that we can respond to His charge today.