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May 2023, Issue No. 20

A Brief Report concerning the History of Taiwan Gospel Book Room and Its Current Ministry Publication Endeavors

The beginning of Taiwan Gospel Book Room, in Brother Witness Lee’s own words, is as follows: “After we came to Taiwan, there was a need for the publication work. In 1949…we began to use the name of Taiwan Gospel Book Room for the publication of Crucial Truths in the Holy Scriptures and Hymns…When Brother Nee went to Hong Kong in 1950, he…made arrangements for three bookrooms because there were different political situations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Taiwan. Thus, he made arrangements for three branches of the one work” (The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1984, vol. 5, pp. 239-241). Since then, Taiwan Gospel Book Room has been serving as the publisher of the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee in Chinese for its distribution in the Chinese-speaking world, while the bookrooms in Shanghai and Hong Kong ceased to function afterwards.

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Principles for Using the Hymns: Sensing and Following the Flow in the Lord’s Table Meeting

In recent issues of this newsletter we have considered the history of the hymnal, our need to study the hymnal, and the characteristics of a good hymn. But we may wonder how we should use the hymns in various settings. In this article we will consider a few principles for using the hymns in the Lord’s table meeting specifically.

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Singing the Word of God with Free Audio Downloads

Have you ever desired to memorize an entire book of the Bible but felt that you did not have the time or capacity to do so? A great way to memorize the Word of God is by singing it.

The entire books of Ephesians and Colossians have been set to music, and these recordings are available for free download on our website. By singing along with these recordings, you will discover that the holy Word is being worked into your memory to become a source of long-term spiritual nourishment.

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Ministry Excerpts from Recent Conferences and Trainings

2023 International Chinese-speaking Blending Conference

Our Need to Grow in Life

[James 5:7] uses the illustration of a farmer awaiting with longsuffering the precious fruit of the earth. We have seen that the Lord Jesus is actually the real Farmer, the unique Farmer. As we are awaiting His coming, He, as the real Farmer, is awaiting our maturity.

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Giving Heed to the Prophetic Word

Peter says that we do well to give heed to the prophetic word until the day dawns and the morning star arises in our hearts [2 Pet. 1:19]. This…is a metaphor, illustrating a time coming which will be full of light, as a bright day dawning, with the morning star, before dawn, rising in the hearts of the believers, who are illuminated and enlightened by giving heed to the shining word of the prophecy of Scripture.

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