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March 2024, Issue No. 29


Biblical and Ministry Words That We Love: Mingling

Throughout Living Stream Ministry’s publications we use the term mingling to refer both to the union of divinity and humanity in the person of Christ and to the union of Christ and His believers. Our decision to use this term is not without careful consideration, since we are aware of the controversy that surrounds almost any term that attempts to describe the union of God and man. We expect that some will complain that in using the term mingle we fall into the ancient heresy of Eutychianism or extreme monophysitism. Here we wish to make clear our understanding of the union of humanity and divinity in Christ and hopefully dispel any suspicions.

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FTTA Gospel Trips

FTTA Gospel Trip Testimonies (2)

For many years, trainees in the Full-time Training in Anaheim have participated in domestic and international gospel trips. One of their main activities during these times has been to distribute the Recovery Version of the New Testament and the ministry literature. The most recent gospel trips concluded at the beginning of February. As the following testimonies demonstrate, the Lord’s abundant blessing upon the spreading of His word was manifested once again. This is a continuation of the reports published in our February issue.

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55th Cairo International Book Fair

Report on the 55th Cairo International Book Fair

The 55th annual Cairo International Book Fair (CIBF) was held in Cairo, Egypt, January 24 through February 6, 2024. The Arabic literature work in Egypt sponsored a booth and was able to present Living Stream Ministry (LSM) publications. There were many quality encounters with sons of peace.

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Ministry Excerpts from Recent Conferences and Trainings

December 2023 Semiannual Training

Cheering God and Man

Sometimes under the Lord’s sovereignty we are put into a certain situation in which we must sacrifice ourselves to make others happy and the Lord happy. When in this situation we come to contact the Lord, it is then that we experience Him as the wine-producing vine; we experience Christ as the One who gives cheer to God and cheer to others.

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Pomegranates and Bells

If you see a ripe pomegranate with its seeds, you will receive an impression that a pomegranate is full of life. In the Bible pomegranates signify the fullness of life. The church should be full of life in her humanity. This is the significance of pomegranates made of linen.

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