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February 2024, Issue No. 28


Biblical and Ministry Words That We Love: Sonship

Throughout the years, this ministry has helped us to see the importance and intrinsic significance of certain words in the Bible, such as economy and blending. It has also introduced new expressions and utterances—such as dispensing and Jesusly human—that bring us into a deeper and fuller apprehension of the truths revealed in God’s Word. In this inaugural article in the “Biblical and Ministry Words That We Love” series, we will consider the word sonship.

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FTTA Gospel Trips

FTTA Gospel Trip Testimonies (1)

For many years, trainees in the Full-time Training in Anaheim have participated in domestic and international gospel trips. One of their main activities during these times has been to distribute the Recovery Version of the New Testament and the ministry literature. The most recent gospel trips concluded at the beginning of February. As the following testimonies demonstrate, the Lord’s abundant blessing upon the spreading of His word was manifested once again.

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Ministry Excerpts from Recent Conferences and Trainings

December 2023 Semiannual Training

Being Rooted in Christ as the Rich Soil and Absorbing Him

If you see that we have been rooted in Christ as the rich soil, you will be comforted and encouraged. Do not be troubled by your weaknesses. Consider the rich soil in which you are rooted.

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Coming to the Meetings with a Surplus of Christ

We must realize that whenever we come to the meetings, whenever we come to worship the Lord, we should not come with our hands empty. We must come with our hands full of the produce of Christ.

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Informative Videos

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