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April 2024, Issue No. 30

Finding Christ by the Living Star

So Great a Foundation—Finding Christ by the Living Star

From March 31 to June 5, 1970, Witness Lee spoke the fourteen messages published in the book New Testament Service. Excerpts from this book were also published separately as the booklet Finding Christ by the Living Star. To find out what makes this booklet helpful and even foundational to our Christian life, read more...

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2024 Paris Olympics

2024 Paris Summer Olympics

“We live in the most privileged time; we can do the most for God. Light will show us the way, but strength and power will enable us to walk the road. A great price must be paid in order to be used now.” (The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, vol. 34, “The Glorious Church,” p. 157)

We would like to fellowship with you all about the current burden in the Lord’s move in French-speaking Europe.

Fellowship unto the Furtherance of the Gospel—The History in France

At the end of 2021, in the north of France a small group of saints set aside three days to seek the Lord’s leading in prayer concerning His move in French-speaking Europe. Since then this group gathered daily to pray and fellowship unto the furtherance of the gospel, and the burden has been increasing.

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Life-study of the New Testament, Second Edition

Life-study of the New Testament, Second Edition

From April 1974 through 1995, Witness Lee conducted a life-study of the entire Bible, culminating in the publication of Life-study of the New Testament and Life-study of the Old Testament in thirty hardbound volumes. This study was conducted in parallel with a book-by-book translation of the Bible that issued in the publication of the first edition of the New Testament Recovery Version in 1985 and the text-only Holy Bible Recovery Version in 1999. In 2003 the Holy Bible Recovery Version with footnotes was published with substantial revisions to the translation of the Bible text. It was Witness Lee’s desire that his life-study of the Bible be revised to reflect the final revisions to be made in the text, outlines, and footnotes of the Holy Bible Recovery Version. This was the motivation behind the second edition of Witness Lee’s Life-study of the New Testament and forthcoming Life-study of the Old Testament.

The work of updating Life-study of the New Testament began in October 2020 and was completed in January 2022. It is now available in print as 40 softbound volumes (at livingstream.com) and in electronic format through online retailers. It was recently added to Living Stream Ministry’s online subscription service ministrybooks.org. The informative video below will be helpful to those who want to begin using this second edition.

We are currently working on the second edition of Life-study of the Old Testament, which we hope to complete in 2026.

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Conferences and Trainings Since 1997

Conferences and Trainings Since 1997

We would like to call your attention to a new feature on our “Conference & Training Information” page of the LSM.org website. Previously, this page had an “Upcoming” tab for LSM events coming in the next twelve months and a “Past” tab for LSM events that were held the previous twelve months. We have now added a “Since July 1997” tab, providing a table with the month, year, city, subject (title), and number of meetings for every LSM conference and training since July 1997. This table can be reached by going to “Announcements” on the main menu and then selecting “Conference & Training Information,” which will reveal the three tabs mentioned above.

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New Releases This Month

Ministry Excerpts from Recent Conferences and Trainings

December 2023 Semiannual Training

Caring for the Corporate Christ

Regrettably, however, many Christians today would say that they care only for Christ and not for the church. If we care only for Christ and not for the church, we can gain only a limited portion of Christ. We can gain much more of the riches of Christ when we care for both Christ and the church.

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2024 International Chinese-speaking Blending Conference

The Christian Life—a Life Not of Seen Things but of Unseen Things

The Christian life is a life not of seen things but of unseen things. Anything that belongs to the Christian life is invisible. The degradation of the church is due to the fact that Christians have moved from the unseen things to the seen things, whereas the Lord’s recovery is the recovery of His church from the seen things to the unseen things.

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